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Saturday, 7 June 2014

One of those days....

It has been one of those days here! Where you just wanna crawl under a rock and sleep! I am not feeling well, but am working anyways. Everything will be ready for the one year anniversary edition! As long as everyone who is getting interviewed submits their questionnaires, and all of the images actually work this time, and the newsletter does not implode at the last minute and refuse to go out no matter how many times I hit the button and approve it..... which has happened before!
Keeping a positive mind set.... this should help... right??
Send me good vibes, you guys, just in case!!!!

Voices- The first short story of Darkness Reigns- featured in Darkness Reigns edition one!

“Kirsten.” The bubbling voice woke the little girl, sleeping peacefully in her bed. She sat up, looking around. Light slanted through her window, illuminating the sun catcher her Father had given her, playing rainbows dreamily across the room. “Daddy?” she swung the blankets off and away across the mattress. “Kirsten.” It was a woman’s voice, definitely this time- Kirsten slid out of bed, landing carefully on her feet, avoiding her building blocks she had left strewn across the floor. Hop-skipping to avoid them, she made her way to her door, opening it wide. The voice came again- “Kirsten.” Her Father slept on the couch, the TV playing only snow, hissing and buzzing like a nest of angry bees. “Daddy.” She walked over to the couch, seven steps for her, three for an adult. He slept quietly, his head lolled back onto the cushion. She stood there for a moment, regarding him carefully. He was definitely not awake- how could he have called her?

 And again, and this time, obviously from outside, the voice came- “Kirsten. Help me!” she ran to the door, forgetting about her Father, sleeping blissfully unaware on the couch. Kirsten turned the little knob on the handle that unlocked the door- exactly the same as in her bedroom, except she wasn’t allowed to lock her bedroom door. She turned the door handle as far as it would go, and pulled- but the door opened only a few inches, clunking to a stop suddenly. Looking up, she saw the reason- her Father had put the chain on. She looked back at him, sleeping so soundly- and decided not to wake him up. She ran from the door around the corner into the kitchen, and grabbed her blue stepping stool- left by the sink for when she wanted a cup from the cupboard. Now, walking carefully, she carried it to the door and standing on it, undid the chain herself. She hopped down, shoving the stool to the side, and opened the door as wide as it would go. It banged against the outer wall, leaving a knick in the wood. Her father slept on, unaware that his daughter was leaving the house.

“Kirsten! Kirsten, come here!” The voices sounded muffled, warped- as if coming from underwater, echoing as if they came from across the valley, sliding over each other as if they came down from the sky. They came from nowhere , and everywhere all at once. There were two now, maybe three- men and women alike. She stood for a moment, beneath the eaves of her house, looking out over the water of the slough. The sunlight slanted down dreamily, illuminating the seemingly abandoned world with rich, thick light- coating every crack and angle in the asphalt of the parking lot beside the yard, soaking itself into the leaves of the cherry tree, illuminating each cherry where it hung, ripe and ready from the bough. “Hello?” she called out, looking behind her, beneath her, above her- trying to find the people who called out. “Help us!” the voices ran over the world like water, crashing down on her, weighing her down. She took a few steps away from the door, stumbling down the stairs, landing safely on her feet on the ground. “Here! I’m here!” the voice came up the bank from the water, obvious now. She ran across the empty road, falling once in the middle. “Help me!” the echoing voice called mournfully, spurring her on. “Hello?” she got to the side of the road, the steep incline to the water immediately at her feet. She looked down on the water, now- 30 feet above the tiny sandy beach and dark, murky water. The goose’s nest was empty- unusual, she knew- usually the mother was sitting now. “Help us!” the liquid, wavering voices gathered strength, pushing on her ears, on her mind. “I’m coming!” she yelled back, sitting down hard beside the sheer drop to the beach. She pushed off, sliding down the dusty incline, trying to slow herself by digging her fingers into the dirt, grinding her fingernails to nothing, and then to blood. Only halfway down, she was forced to let go, and, holding her hands out to protect her eyes, rolled suddenly down the rest of the way, falling heavily on the sand- leaving blood behind her. She cried, tears rolling out of her eyes. She pushed herself up, wiping tears from her face- the blood from her fingernails leaving trails on her cheeks.

 “Help!” the voices came again, loud and insistent. She stumbled to the water’s edge, looking across to the other shore, expecting to see someone there. The other side sat empty, the muddy sand slowly eroding into the murky water. The water splashed at her feet, and she looked down suddenly, unsure of what was happening. There was something shining in the water, and she bent down to grab it- but it zoomed away. She stepped into the murky water, now- stepping only a few feet away from the shore. The shining thing flashed again, and bending down once more, this time she caught it- pulling it out of the water to look at it. In her hand, she held a human eye. She screamed, dropping it again into the water and as she did, a face loomed up beneath the surface of the water. A woman, her hair flowing around her, looked up at her. There were bruises on her face, and her shirt was torn at the shoulder. Her nails were painted red, but two were missing. Kirsten tried to back away from her, but her hands shot out, and grabbed her by the ankles. “Don’t leave!” the woman screamed, her grip tight, like iron. Another face came up beside her, a man this time- his left eye gone; the blood vessels in his face popped and stretched blue now. One by one, all around her, more and more faces came up, some looking at her, some looking at the sky, some looking everywhere, lost.

 “Help us!” they chorused together, all reaching for her at the same time. Kirsten screamed as loud as she could, afraid for the first time. Hands suddenly grabbed her, pulling her up and out of the water, away from the faces. “Kirsten!” her father’s voice boomed out, and suddenly the world went dark. She blinked, gasping at the noise. “What are you doing here?!” her father’s concerned face loomed close, and she realized it was him holding her now, up and out of the water. Her pajamas were soaked, and it was cold. Above them, the night sky twinkled with a million stars, the moon absent that night. The lights of the café that was near their house stood out on shore, and the door of their house, up above the shore of the slough, stood wide open. Her father was all wet, and she realized, as he marched angrily up from the water back onto the shore, that he had been taking a shower. “is she okay?” a voice called down from the top of the steep bank, and looking up she saw the café owner, leaning farther over than was really safe to see. “She seems to be.” He called up, putting her down. Confused, Kirsten looked at her hands. They were fine- no blood, nothing. “Answer me, right now.” Her Father leaned down to look her in the eye. “I was following them.” She told him, looking at him with wide eyes. “Who, What are you talking about?”

 “The people in the water,” She said quietly, looking down at the murky sludge that made up the slough.
“What did she say?” the café owner called down again, leaning even farther over now. Her father looked up quickly, a wide, fake smile spreading across his face. “She said she just wanted to play!” he called up, pretending to laugh. The café owner smirked, leaning back. “I’m gonna carry her back up the long way!” he called up, nodding sporadically. “It’s safer! Why don’t you get back to your customers? I’ll bring her over to get a hot chocolate once she’s changed!” remembering her business, the café owner hurried away, the door of the café slamming shut. He bent over quickly, his face once again on the same level as his daughter’s. “DON’T tell anyone about what you saw.” He said fervently, urgency in his voice. “Why?” she asked softly, confused. “Just DON’T.” he said again, picking her up quickly. “Okay, but why?” she said again, leaning into his neck, wrapping her arms around him to hold on. “I don’t want to lose you like your Mommy, do you understand?” he said back, turning onto the path that led up from the water. She considered this for a moment, remembering the tall white building her Mommy had to live in. “okay, Daddy.” She said finally, leaning her head down on his shoulder. He carried her up to the house, slamming the door shut behind them.

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