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Sunday, 27 July 2014

My Altar Box and its contents.

Hey everyone! Today, I wanted to share with you about Altar Boxes. A few times a week, recently, I've been recieving messages from people wondering how to become a Witch. An Altar box is a great place to start. The purpose of an altar box is to create a centre for yourself. The altar box stays in your home in a safe place, it is never carried around. No one else has access to your altar box unless you choose to give it to them. It is usually a very private thing which is why it is a great place to start- you begin to look inwards to yourself, consider what is really important to you, and find the objects to put into your altar box that represent those important things. Learning these things about yourself is the first step to becoming a witch, and being able to follow the rede. It is also the first step to becoming more spiritually aware, whether the goal is to
The altar box itself represents your past, present, and future hopes. it may include something representing a trial you have gone through, or something you believe you will need in the future or something that represents the future you want to have.
This is my Altar box.

It's plain and white with pink writing, not what you would expect if ever you walked into a place that sells altar boxes. But an Altar box is not about aesthetics, its about function. pick what works right for you. 

These are the contents of my Altar box. Starting at the left, is a broken shell pendant. It is broken in shipping, but I wanted it because it came from the Ocean. The Ocean is a powerful, ancient thing and although I am terrified by the thought of ever being in such a vast expanse of open water where you only feel the bottom if you're dead, I have to respect it's beauty. 

Sitting inside the box, is a small plastic skull. It was a Halloween decoration but I thought it was a cute representation for spirits and the great importance spirits take in my life. So, thinking I would switch it out for a crystal ball or something later, I put it in the altar box as a temporary measure. Then, it fused to the box. I'm serious. It does not come out! I did not glue it, and I don't think the box got hot, just sitting on my shelf. But the skull won't come out, so now it is there to stay. 

In the lid of the box, in the upper left corner, is a small round silver ball. It's an apport- something that came out of the spirit world. I was sitting at my desk and planning out Saint Aidan's, thinking about spirits and the best way to represent them, and it dropped out of no where onto the paper in front of me. No one else was home, and the doors and windows were all locked. I think it's really pretty, so I keep it in my altar box so I don't lose it. 

In the middle of the lid, is a small, yellow note written to me before her death by my Nana. And, sitting on the note, is a small ring. It's my Nana's baby ring, and my mother wore it too. its passed down in the family, but I don't know for how long. It represents my Nana, she is the only person I purposely represent in my box. 

The grey feather beside it is from Shadie, my mother's cockatiel, and it's in there because it was a gift. The large, white, folded paper is a personal prayer to the goddess. 

These things all represent a part of myself. Making an Altar box is easy, if you're being honest with yourself. If you can't be honest, even to yourself, you won't be able to assemble an altar box. This can be taken as a first step to becoming a witch, becoming more spiritually aware, or in simply welcoming yourself to a new home.  Have fun with it, let me know your results if you would like! tweet me at @cheyenneleo18

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Canning Cherries and chasing frogs out of the house!

So, if you're a twitter follower, or a Facebook follower for that matter, you know that the other day I was climbing up and down cherry trees at the local U Pick (y'know, after I dealt with the people who thought I was looking for drugs) getting cherries to preserve for winter.
Well, last night was the night. My mother pitted 18 pounds of Cherries by hand and it was time to get them put away before they rotted. Well, that took longer than I expected. Like all damn day. But that's actually okay because I like Canning way better than gardening, or making soap. Actually, making laundry soap isn't bad. But suiting up like you're going to treat smallpox patients and boiling vats of lye just isn't fun for me!
Once we had everything ready, the cherries went into the smaller canner, and we had to cook them with sugar to make a hot pack. we started with 7 quarts of cherries, but they cooked down to 5. I was highly disappointed, that was so much work! But we also got a can of Cherry juice out of it, so I guess that's where the volume went. After I was done helping with the Cherries, my brother was supposed to help make Watermelon Jelly. But, he's phobic of hot things. Hot water, Hot frying pans, Hot teapots, burning hot jars of canning just taken out of the canner. You name it, approach him with it he WILL run away. So I ended up doing that, too. I swear he's gonna have to be a city boy when he grows up or else get an extremely devoted wife, or be really really rich. In which case, I want a car.
This is not my picture, click on it to see the original site. This is what it looks like when The jars are all down in the canner. Will be posting my own pics soon. ^^

At about the second hour in, My mother said it was time for a break and we went out to the living room where the door and the windows were all open. I had only just sat down when I looked up and realized a little tree frog was all tangled in our window screen, which detaches from the window to be taken down for cleaning. Not only was he tangled but he had pulled it down and horseflies from the farm across the road were pouring in! Not a good thing when you're canning and trying to keep everything sanitary. So, I jumped up, de-tangled him, and shut the screen. He was so tiny, just a baby! So I, brilliant as I am (sarcastic sign) I turned around with the baby frog in my hand to show my mother, who rarely gets to see them as she can't jump up and run to the window whenever I yell that there's another one there. He was fine sitting on my hand, and fine with my voice. However, as soon as my mother spoke, it turned from a cute experience into froggy pandemonium. He hopped all over me, including up onto my face! Then he fell to the floor, and dissapeared underneath the TV. My mother was very upset, as Pacific Chorus tree frogs are poisonous to dogs, and Luther will literally put anything in his mouth including, once, a long dead mouse and another time, a poisonous snake. So there I was, in the middle of the night, screaming for my brother to come and help, bring the broom! Twenty minutes later, after stabbing under the TV with the broom, chasing him across the living room floor to underneath the other cabinet, stabbing under there and trapping him against the door, I had recovered one very scared and very dried out tree frog. So I took him to the kitchen, stuck him in a bowl of water, checked to make sure we hadn't broken anything trying to save him, gave him a moth that was sleeping on the cupboard, and put him back outside. Moral of the story; cute amphibians don't belong in your house. Today, We're not doing anything. I had 4 hours of sleep last night, so after this blog post, I'm going back to bed and will not be available for a few hours. Send me a message- how is your day going? tweet me @cheyenneleo18

Yes, crazy really does work.

Monday, 14 July 2014

3 positive things that having severe Migraines gives me.

SO, if you follow me on twitter or Facebook, you know that for the past 5 days now I've had a migraine. Yes, it is improving! And thank you to all my lovely concerned fans who sent me messages asking if I was alright. It was so sweet and very appreciated. On to the subject of the post-

Hello, Darkness Reigns Readers! As most of you may know, I suffer from severe migraines, as well as a form of migraine that happens on the optic nerve, which temporarily blinds me. There are a myriad of things that cause my migraines, some of which are caffeine, stress, bright light, etc. My migraines take me out for a few hours when they are very bad, or make my life  a very (literally) painful experience when they are not bad enough to warrant taking time out. Pain killers help some, but they are mainly to reduce the swelling associated with the migraine, which I have been told is very dangerous and can cause a stroke. All of this is inconvenient and unpleasant, as many millions of my fellow afflicted can attest to. But, as I prefer to look at things in a better light, (Because Happiness is, after all, only of your own making!) over the years I have discovered some actually pretty good things that come along with my migraines.

1) Number one is, believe it or not, Nightmares. As a Horror Author, I am constantly looking for inspiration. Popular media is good, but its other people's ideas being thrown at me. Not only is that annoying at times due to the implausibility of it all and the obvious lack of research in some of it but it doesn't actually help me advance or improve my own work. Real world horror like War and Famine and Serial Killers, etc are good but "ripped from the headlines" isn't what I want to be known for. It is only in my Nightmares that I truly find what scares me, and from bottomless unfathomable oceans to Beetles to pigs, this is what really inspires me to write the stuff that gets me rave reviews.

2) Number two is an advanced awareness of the world. When a good portion of your time is spent in a state where every sound hurts, You learn to appreciate things around you, from the busiest and loudest city to the quietest and calmest night in the forest around my house. Crickets take on a particular beauty when you really listen to them, and so does the sound of a busy city street. If I happen to be having one of the migraines where I can't see, at the time, the experience is heightened even more. I know it seems an odd thing to count as a perk, but I am glad for my hypersensitivity, sometimes and I don't regret a minute of it.

3) Number 3 is caution. Yes! I do count this- I see too many of my friends throw themselves headlong into bad situations, sometimes literally and sometimes they come out alright, but sometimes they end up in trouble or in one case, in a hospital for six months straight. I am proud to say that my migraines give me that second of cautious thought- usually because I don't want to cause another- that keeps me out of trouble most of the time. I don't drink a drop of alcohol, and I certainly don't take things like cocaine or speed or acid- imagine the migraine that would ensue, not to mention the effect on my health.

These are the things that, although insignificant, give a silver lining to my migraines, and make them easier to deal with. I believe the silver lining should be found in everything, or else you'll lose your mind! So here's the question- What do you find silver linings in? Where have you found a silver lining in your life? How do you make your own happiness? Tweet me at @cheyenneleo18 and let me know! Have a great day, everyone- and watch for the next post from Darkness Reigns.