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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Cheyenne's spell- Calling forth the Crone; (Morrigan) The Wiccan Goddess of Death

Recently, I have received more than one request to see some of my spells. Over the holiday season, I will be publishing a minimum of five entry level, easy spells that very rarely seem to go wrong. Included in this post are the instructions for ending a spell and for ending a spell and sending the energies back to their place should the spell go very wrong.

despite their relative safety, please read the entire post before attempting the spell.

The first spell is a summoning spell. This is useful for anyone interested in the paranormal. A summoning spell can be used to call people back from the dead to speak for a few moments. I have chosen The Crone for the first because of her loving and gentle demeanour, making her a relatively safe person to speak to.  While many associate the Crone with Death, her only role in death is to rule over the underworld.


The Crone is the Wiccan Goddess of death in the holy trinity of the goddess containing the virgin, being the beginning the mother being the middle and the Crone being the ending. She is also and widely known as Morrigan However, the Crone is not a bad or evil spirit. The Crone is a figure in a long black cloak who appears at your death to take you away to where you will wait to be reborn. She cares for you as a mother (hence the reason she's part of the triple goddess aka the mother) until it is time for you to move on into life again.

However, she doesn't abandon you at birth. The crone will show herself at times of stress or extreme upset, to comfort you. When she comes to you, she is reminding you that you will never be alone. She will be there as long as you are in existence and even longer.
 She has been seen wandering through disaster sites, come to gather and comfort the dead. She has been seen by people who have just lost loved ones. She is one of the oldest things in existence.

To call forth the Crone is a very tricky thing and you should only do it if you have some real need for comfort. It is said that you can ask the Crone a question if you call her. I have personally seen the crone three times in my life. Once when I was a little girl, and my pet budgie I had had for as long as I could remember had died. I was devastated. while my mother hunted for a way to do a burial for a budgie, I sat at the kitchen table with him and made sure the cat didn't come and steal him. While I sat there, an old woman- so old she seemed to be mummified- came out of the kitchen and sat down at the table. she wore a long black dress not unlike my mother's. She told me that it was alright- the budgie was happy now, and then she disappeared as my mother came around the corner.

the next time I saw her was the night that my grandfather died. I was plagued by painful and terrifying panic attacks that night, and in between them she appeared to me twice, sitting by my bed and stroking my hand.

and the last time happened earlier this year, three nights before my mother went into the hospital with a heart attack. I dreamed that my body expelled my own heart, but that I stood there, holding my heart and saying- "but I'm alive?" and that I saw the old woman looking at me from the back of a crowd of people who had gathered around to stare at me.

The Crone is the ultimate powerful spirit and the utmost respect should be taken when speaking to her. be as polite as you are able if you do intend to speak to her. If you are not prepared to come face to face with one of the more powerful spirits, do not attempt this. however if you do, know that you should be safe. And always remember- if something else presents itself, don't be afraid of it. Simply stop and end the spell.


To cast a circle 

(the first step for any and all spells you will cast now or in the future)

Find a calm and relaxing place to cast. Either using your wand should you have one or using your mind, draw a circle of light big enough to encompass everyone in the room on the ceiling. Yes, Witchcraft takes some imagination. Slowly, imagine the circle coming down to the ground and encompassing everyone with a safe and secure perimeter. truly believe that everyone is safe within this circle. Nothing can harm you in here. The circle is cast.

To Call forth the Crone

To call forth the Crone, get two black candles. Sitting crisscross on the floor, place both lit candles in their holders three feet from each of your knee caps. Close your eyes, and imagine the circle getting stronger. The barrier between yourself and anything that could hurt you is impenetrable. Fill the space encompassed within the circle with white light, (by imagining white light filling the space.) When this is done,  narrow your focus down to the flames on the candles. pay attention to how they flicker. Does the flame grow or shrink? Is it steady, or moving? concentrate intensely on these flames, and then say out loud; 

Crone, Lilith, Hallowed one. 
I call you forth- come speak to me. 
I am your humble Daughter (or son if you're a guy)
Lara, Hecate, Morrigan, 
I ask for your council before the cycle turns again. 

Say this three times, and then say "so mote it be." this signifies the ending of the spell, and sends the energies out to the universe. What happens next is determined by the Crone herself. You may see her immediately, later on, or not at all. 

If a spell goes wrong

If a spell goes wrong, as they sometimes do, you need to know how to stop what is happening. Sometimes during spells, people let things in they shouldn't. If this happens to you, all you have to do, is this;

Bring your hands up to your chest, and lean away from the work you were doing. Looking up to the stars, say out loud; 

I send you back from whence you came. Push back the Darkness; let light shine again. 

And immediately get up and walk out of the circle, thus breaking it. 

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